Launching of the system SIBIMOL


On September 2, 2008 at the National Library will take place the launching of the system SIBIMOL




SIBIMOL means Integrated Information System of Moldova’s Libraries. The author and director of the project is Alexei Rău, General Director of the National Library. Contribution to achievement – Andrei Suşcov,  Alla Panici, Liviu Rău, Valentina Chitoroagă, General Director of CNC.


SIBIMOL is one of the most important strategic projects in the culture and librarianship of Moldova. Its implementation will involve a radical change as regards the access of population to knowledge and information. It will mark the start of an outstanding and qualitatively new period in the development of the library system, democracy, and culture and community civilization in our republic.


SIBIMOL will integrate the information libraries of Moldova into a national network via Internet. The basic integration part of the system will be the National Collective Shared Catalogue which will reflect the collections and databases of all Moldova’s libraries that will be accessible in every locality: in libraries and at home. Every inhabitant in every town or village will be able to search via Internet the publications he or she needs, and then order them through the automated module of the interlibrary loan. At the second stage of the project implementation the reader will be able to order in the locality library, or from his/her home PC,  full texts of articles, chapters or pages from books, images, photos, sound recordings etc., from the Virtual Library of Moldova which will be one of the component parts of the system.


SIBIMOL will provide, through its portal, the access of the users of Moldova to the collective catalogues, databases and electronic resources of the world countries, as well as the access of all world countries to the National Collective Shared Catalogue (NCSC) and other electronic resources of Moldova’s libraries. In this way contributing to the creation of a new image of our republic which will be an essential factor in its technical, scientific and social- cultural progress.


Users of SIBIMOL will be over 1,800,000 readers of the Republic of Moldova’s libraries. Their number will increase due to the users working at home or at work.


SIBIMOL presents, from the conceptual and technical point of view, a number of new ideas and elements at the international level (such as web cataloguing, an organic and metabolic character of the integrated system etc.), which places the Republic of Moldova and the National Library among the world leaders as regards this issue.


The cost of the first stage of SIBIMOL project was of 314,000 US dollars. Foundation SOROS-Moldova allocated 142.000 US dollars. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Moldova, the other ministries and departments which have in their subordination the libraries, local public authorities and the National Library have co-financed, partially and in a stepped way, the preparation of the technical base, information works in libraries involved in the system concerning their compatibility.


SIBIMOL software was elaborated by IME Romania LTD.

The system will start on the 2nd of September, 2008.


 A world novelty, SIBIMOL proposes and realizes:

  • Web cataloguing.

  • An integrated information system formed in an organic, autogenous and self-governing way.

  • NCSC will be a metabolic and autogenerative catalogue that will work as an information-bibliographic perpetual motion: every cataloguer who uses SIBIMOL will receive automatically the missed information in its own database (catalogue). The system, in its turn, will take over automatically from each cataloguer the necessary information for the collective catalogue.

  • Every rural library will be able to integrate in the technological process of the NCSC, in this way placing the unique editions from its collections at the informational national and international levels.

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