Any library or institution that shares the opinion of the importance of the system SIBIMOL which implies collaboration and data sharing, is welcome to join us. An organization can become a member of the SIBIMOL by concluding a cooperation agreement in which it consents to share the intellectual resources it owns.

The benefits of a partnership with the SIBIMOL:

A network that aims at the improvement of the existence at the local level through cooperation.

By joining the SIBIMOL a library becomes part of a national network which provides and improves library services.

Savings through shared services

A library manages to accomplish more of its objectives through the cooperation with other libraries. By sharing resources and data, you save money and work out more solutions that would contribute to the improvement of the processes in your institution: cataloging, collection development, archiving etc.

Promoting library resources on the Web

The SIBIMOL system offers the member libraries the opportunity to promote their collections and services on the Web. It also allows a user to access the collections of all the participants using only one online catalogue.

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