Members' rights and responsibilities

The participating library or institution delegates specialists (bibliographers, cataloguers) to create bibliographic and authority records in the National Collective Shared Catalogue (NCSC), or retrieve bibliographic and authority records from the NCSC.

All expenses related to the contribution of the specialists from other libraries or institutions to the work of SIBIMOL, will be covered by the member library/institution. These libraries/institutions will remunerate, according to their state of functions, the staff delegated to work in SIBIMOL or carry out tasks related to SIBIMOL without their removal from office.

The partner library of networked type (the main library) or institution provides every branch with a required software, hardware, Internet speed, compatible with the technical parameters of the system.

After the creation of an access account in SIBIMOL, the library/institution is allowed to catalogue online in the National Collective Shared Catalogue, or to take online cataloging data from the NCSC. As a member of the system, the library/institution is obliged to create all the new records in the central database using web-cataloging module.

The participating library/institution is responsible for the quality of the bibliographic and authority records, and for the timely provision of the records created in NCSC.

The participating library/institution is offered, due to its account, an individual access level, according to the functions and status of a particular library.

The participating library/institution creates authority records: subject headings and individual authors, depending on the area where the library works. 

Each participating library/institution authorizes a specially trained person, who would be responsible for the operation of the respective library in SIBIMOL. He or she will monitor the cataloguing in SIBIMOL, technical and other problems, and communicate them to the SIBIMOL Center.

Each library/institution may participate in the interlibrary centralized loan system SIBIMOL in the order required by ILL module of the system and by the special instruction. The lending library/institution is responsible for the ensuring of integrity, and the timely return of borrowed documents.

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