Speach of Minister of Culture, Artur Cozma

Artur Cozma
Ex Minister of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Moldova

Spectacular evolution of the information technologies from the last years has created favourable conditions for the development of the information society of the Republic of Moldova. The adoption of the National Strategy of building the information society , with the important part which is the Electronic culture, is an eloquent proof of the care, manifested by the Government for the cultural, intellectual and technological prosperity of the country. The strategy “Electronic Moldova” opens perspectives in order to ensure the social consensus and the democratisation of information. It increases the scientific potential, and contributes to the evolution of a developed education system, with a wide industrial specialization of research and development in the domain of information and communication technologies. As well as it provides the opening for the international cooperation, and the receptivity of the public and private sector to the new technological achievements.

International strategies of such proportions have, certainly, a great impact on librarianship institutions, which in this context have passed from local applications on computer (local networks of databases) to applications on computer networks (corporate catalogues). Today in Moldova starts the implementation of one of the most important projects in this domain – SIBIMOL project. Deeply thought, the Integrated Information System of Moldova’s Libraries will contribute to the prosperity of the society through the contribution brought to the training of qualified specialists from all fields of the national economy. It will contribute to the promotion and integration of libraries and national treasure, held by them, in the world information space. To all persons involved in SIBIMOL I wish prosperity, success and great achievements in creating a unique information space, meant to serve the interests of the citizens of the Republic of Moldova.

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